Be Cool, Be Safe

Conflict Resolution



September 15, 2011

To Parents and/or Guardians:

The Young School Community has attended grade level Be Cool, Be Safe Assemblies over the last two weeks, reinforcing the characteristics of a super student.  The checklist below highlights the important points of the assembly: 

                                         +  I use an indoor voice.

                                         +  I keep my hands to myself.

                                         +  I listen to my teacher.

                                         +  I raise my hand when I have the answer.

                                         +  I finish all my work.

                                         +  When my teacher asks me to something, I say OK!

We are encouraging cool and safe behaviors as well.  The Be Cool, Be Safe Signs can be found in the bathrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, classrooms and bus lines throughout the school.  All attendees of the assembly can now recite the catchy Be Cool, Be Safe chant for anyone who wants to listen!

This year's character education program will center around the theme, "What is the word on the street?"  So, what is the word on the street you ask? 

The WORD ON THE STREET this month is MANNERS!  Students who use manners this month will receive light bulb cut outs that will "light up" the Young School Streets.  Each month a new pro-social skill will be introduced to the YS Community.  If your child uses manners during the school day, then he/she will be reinforced for using the "word on the street". 

Thank you in advance for your continued support.  Please feel free to contact the guidance office with any further comments and/or questions.

Mrs. Jeanene Stefanski  and Mrs. Dana Middleton